Some of the favorite tech I am working with

Laravel and VueJS

Laravel 5.8 is one of the fastest growing programming frameworks. It is simple, elegant yet powerful. My first project with Laravel dates back to 2013 when Laravel was still doing its first babysteps. In addition to Laravel I have been working a lot also with VueJS and other Laravel family tech

Smart card crypto / SSL

Unique skill of mine is National ID card identification and signing, read eIDAS. This is because of my recent startup that can read many different country ID cards and identify people. Along with that goes Linux server / Apache2 administration. I have been using ubuntu in my desktop since 2009.

E-commerce / API Integrations

Imagine fully automated e-shop that imports all the products, warehouse remnants and prices into the store. Then during the purchase sends API calls for fulfillment services, creates invoices and payment records to accounting software. These days you can check from your bank over the API if invoice has been paid or not.

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