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User identification

If your application needs to be sure who is the real identity of the website visitor then you can turn to me. Users can be identified using identity providers: Mostlyn national eID cards, verified mobile ID solutions or slow and expensive document photograph method.

Electonic Signatures

Electonic signatures come in 2 main forms. a) Qualified (QES) which are considered to be the same as andwritten signatures b) Advanced (AdES) which are usually in a form of signature image pasted to PDF file. Both are legal and have their uses. I am working mostly with secure QES and can help you integrate it into your app.

KYC, eID and eSignature analysis

If you need to upgrade your systems with user eSignature or user identification and do not know where to start then I will talk you through the points that need to be kept in mind, what solutions are available and what is the best solution for you.

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