About me

I find constant improvement and learning to be very important in life. I love to do big things that rock the world.

My┬ácareer started as difficult problem solver and technical consultant in billion dollar IT company Playtech where I spent 7 years. Another major job was team leader in ZeroTurnaround. Before that I have built serveral startups among which one has received Estonia’s best e-service in e-entertainment 2013 award and another won Seedcamp week London.

I have Cyber Security masters and Physics Bachelor degree. I have taken part in many science and math competitions and was nearly chosen to Estonian team to IPhO – International Physics Olympiad 2000. In 12th grade I got 4th place in National Physics Olympiade in Estonia.

I do a lot of volunteering. Most relevant in business mentorship of new companies in Estonian National business mentorship program since 2014. In Estonia is unique opportunity for volunteers to take part in Police activity which I do since 2008. Army has been with me since 2001.

These days I mostly work as a contractor and freelancer on PHP Laravel and WordPress\Woocommerce projects. I have multiple permanent customers whose systems I help to support and small development companies who I help with “nasty stuff” eg above average complex issues that take time and effort to make it work.

Portfolio of different projects I have built recently:

This company makes it 10x or 100x easier to identify people securely on your website. You just need to implement Oauth2 protocol just like Google or Facebook login and many countries national ID cards and other methods are added to your site.

Twitter for jobs, companies can quickly find workers for short periods when workload is varying. This company also won Seedcamp in February 2014. Main responsibilities in team included product management and development.

https://www.tiptheauthors.com (discontinued)
Service for selling local movies online. Launched public in August 2012 and had a lot of media attention plus it became Estonia’s best e-service 2013. Business is focused to building tools for movie producers and distributors. It also has movie affiliate system where authors can sell movies on their own official website as well as via movie information and review websites. Handles all the payments, content delivery and legal issues.

Others smaller projects:
Shopify store integration with automated warehouse “Ongoing Warehouse” and “Merit Aktiva” accounting software. NodeJS

Virtual reality event booking system Javascript frontend on Laravel.

Woocommerce plugin for designing and ordering notebooks with custom covers from the printing house

Donations page integration with PayPal and Stripe. Javascript, WordPress.

Wordpress plugin and API implementation to import events from external system and display on the site. VueJS

Plugin for Joomla. Helps to create simple comparison tables. It is simple and free, people just love it. Built from my own need. JavaScript

In addition multiple other WordPress and Woocommerce setups. Also some Magento, Prestashop experiences.

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