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SmartAccounts accounting WooCommerce API integration plugin

I am using SmartAccounts accounting software for 2 of my companies. They offer among others option for API integrations. One of the most common use cases for e-commerce sites to have API integration with accounting software is to generate sales invoices in accounting software. Sales invoices need to end up there anyway and unless youRead more about SmartAccounts accounting WooCommerce API integration plugin[…]

Merit accounting software Shopify integration

Merit Accounting software is one of the most popular in accounting softwares Estonia.  It also operates in Finland and in Poland under the name 360 Księgowość Till recently it lacked API integration capability. Fortunately this issue is fixed now as every decent e-store should be able to communicate with accounting software. One of my customers BoldRead more about Merit accounting software Shopify integration[…]

Ongoing Warehouse e-store automatic fulfillments

If your e-store starts to have considerable sales volume then it makes sense to implement service that packs and ships products on your behalf. Something similar like Fulfilment By Amazon. There is Swedish Company Ongoing Warehouse Management Systems that provides software for logistics companies. This software has API which allows e-stores to send order details forRead more about Ongoing Warehouse e-store automatic fulfillments[…]

Importing tyres to Woocommerce e-store from Latakko

Latvia has one big tyres wholesale warehouse Latakko that provides XML API for shops to import their Tyres and wheels descriptions. Latakko API also allows synchronisation of stock levels and do price updates. I have built Woocommerce plugin for one Estonian online tyre shop and workshop. Tyres itself start their journey from Latvia. Latakko APIRead more about Importing tyres to Woocommerce e-store from Latakko[…]

Chrome (or Firefox) redirects to HTTPS on local dev sites

Since December 2017 it is not possible to use popular .dev and other similar sites locally for development without a little magic. Chrome redirects all of these sites on its own to https and does extra good verification. More information about it in here Now its a time to change all local dev sites orRead more about Chrome (or Firefox) redirects to HTTPS on local dev sites[…]

Laravel 5 unit testing Form and TokenMismatchException in Middleware

While unit testing in Laravel 4 you were able to turn off filters including CSRF check in testing environment. However in the Laravel 5 CSRF check has been move into the middleware and I have not yet found the way to turn CSRF check off easily. As TokenMismatchException will happen when testing controllers that are processingRead more about Laravel 5 unit testing Form and TokenMismatchException in Middleware[…]