Best measure to get more successful startups.

startup-curveWhat is the biggest problem causing many great people not to start successful startups? The answer is making the first step out of safety of good salary and into uncertainty with no income. How government can help to resolve the problem? It is actually very easy, support similar to unemployment benefits will help.

Here is my suggestion. Support is best suitable for top notch specialists identified by well above average salary and business in IT area where most of expences are salaries. For applying is needed process similar to accelerator application. It is required to have Business Model Canvas plus answering a few business critical questions followed up by interview with government specialist. Government will get around 10% of company shares in return of support so the money is not totally free.

Once approved then new entrepreneur will get enough money to survive for 6 months if he leaves his previous job. Each month he must meet with government specialist and update on business progress. Government evaluates progress and decides whether to continue making the payments.



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