Book Review: “Outliers: the story of success” by Malcolm Gladwell

outliersBooks is all about people and groups who stand way out from the crowd. Now I understand why Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are so much more successful than most people. Unfortunately for all of you it was less about their personal greatness and much more about right timings and coincidence although personal ability is precondition.

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Bill Gates case was that he was born exactly right time so when he was in 8th grade then his Lakeside private school got limited access to mainframes at 1968. Mainframe access was very hard to obtain at time. Another major coincidence is that in nearby University of Washington and he could get his hands on mainframe for free between 3am to 6am during the night. Some more opportunities and he was way ahead of other with 10 000 hours of practice when time was ready. If such early access was immediately available for millions of people then nobody would even know the name Bill Gates.

I got myself another very practical knowledge regarding raising kids. If you compare kids aged 6 then exactly 6 years and 6years 11 months have relatively different abilities so older ones are always seen as more brighter and thus developed more. Thus older kids get more practice and eventually get much better than just a few months younger companions. This is very easily seen in Canadian hockey teams where most of people are born in beginning of year rather than end. If you see such situation with your child then you must be able to notice it and give extra push on your own to level the playing field again.

In general most of the stories in book is about getting early opportunity to something to become perfect with 10 000 hours of practice when time is right. You never know what the next big thing is but if for some strange reason you are well prepared when it hits then you have high chance of becoming successful.

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