But really, why java is enterprise and PHP is not.

I have a lot of experience with Java and until this was only language I knew well I could not say out the real answer. Now recently I have been working with PHP + Laravel and finally I know the answer.

PHP by itself is not bad. Programmer can quickly hack all kinds of great things, deploy it just by copying new files to webroot and done. In that sence PHP is easy to learn and use, it is flexible and in that sense great tool for beginners.

Java, however, is more cumbersome. It requires more setup and compiling. All the data types must be strict, all kinds of places have to try catch Exceptions. It feel like a lot of extra work for nothing.

Now when we look how enterprise projects looks like. There are thousands or even millions lines of code, huge number of files, classes etc. Stack traces traces are tens and hundreds of rows. Maintaining such a projects must not leave any room for error. Making simple typecasting mistake or typing method for object that is not supported is not an option.

So the answer is:  Java is more refained, it forces you to think harder and make it more right on first try. IDE-s allow you to traverse code much more easily, leaving out all possible confusion with data types in inheritance.

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