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“Everbody matters” book review

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

This book talks how Barry-Wehmiller company has managed to survive and thrive bad times. This parent company has made over 50 acquisitions and they are best experts of how to turn around companies from near bankruptcy.

The mindset the book describes was discovered b accident. Starting to trust people and making sure the will be happy in work and even more in their personal life is doing wonders.

Barry-Wehmiller company has written down a few checklists of how the company culture must look like and what leaders in this company should follow. Also they have built series of courses that teaches this knowledge to all interested parties in the company.

As a summary I strongly recommend this book to anyone who feels that the atmosphere in his company is poisonous. It will help you turn the company around and become very strong in long term.

Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Reading this book opened my eyes regarding the value of ones network of friends. You need help of other people in whatever you do. If you have the connections with needed people already before starting your new project then you will be off the ground much faster.eating alone

One of the most important lessons in networking is to be nice to other people and help then reach their goals. Even cleaning lady in your office is important, call her by name and tell how much you appreciate the clean office in the mornings!

You can take the title of this book literally. Actually you can schedule meetings with interesting people for every lunch. Very few people say no if you invite them to lunch. Usually you can ask your existing network to reinforce the relationship. Its also good idea to identify people you want to meet and find someone in your network to introduce you. When you go to lunch then be prepared. Find out all you can about this person and go to the lunch with a plan. Just keep in mind that these lunches are not only what you want but try to find something how you can help your companion also. From my own experience I recommend not to have lunch with same people every day though. Usually office workers go to eat with their colleagues and this does not help to expand your network too much.

Another important principle is to keep pinging your network. If you do not keep in touch then you will soon be forgotten. Congratulation on birthdays is natural in these Facebook times. From time to time you can give them a call, send an e-mail, invite to lunch or to house party.

Industry conferences are great way to let people know that you exist. Try to get some speaking arrangements. If you cannot get to the big events right away then start with small and eventually the invitations to big events will also come. When going to event try to identify people you want to get to know beforehand. Go early and find these people. After making such initial connection it makes sense to ask them to lunch or breakfast or dinner also later and have more in depth conversation.


If this got you interested then there are many more great tips in the book


Teaching my 9 year old kid about money – Why A students work for C students

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

book-covers-a-studentFamous Robert T Kiyosaki who’s first bestseller was “Rich dad, poor dad” has written another book in sequence called “Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and “B” Students Work for the Government”. This book feels like a vol 2 of “Rich dad, poor dad”

I got so much inspiration from that book that I made my 9 year old son to manage part of my investment portfolio to make money for himself. Estonian startup Bondora allows to invest money into relatively risky but high yield distributed loans. Most of the interest rates are between 20% and 35%. I started investing there around 1,5 years ago and now I gave my son the passwords and he is in charge of choosing best loan applications to invest in. We have been reviewing the portfolio 1-2 times a week. I feel that this will give him huge benefit in the future.

Main point of this book is that school system is not preparing our kids for the future enough and kids need to learn more about money, investing, passive income and not working for a salary. It is parents responsibility to fill in the gaps and prepare the kids to the future. It is especially important because governments are taking in loans and building expensive pension schemas which are severely underfunded. Our kids are the ones who will face the consequences and all the previous glorious civilizations ended up in ruin, why should we be any different?

Although the book is very right at many points then It repeats itself a lot and has too much advertising for the CashFlow game. I read it very eagerly at first but I read only two thirds of this book.

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