Comparison table plugin for Joomla Usage Guide

Comparison table plugin takes table of products from content article, dynamically creates table with checkboxes and allows to show/hide columns of that table.

SUPPORTS Joomla 3.0!


  1. Create new article.
  2. Insert tag {comparisontable} into article where product visibity selection checkboxes must appear.
  3. Create table with ID comparisontable into article. Table id can be changed using HTML view or with JCE editor: rightclick on table> Table Properties >Advanced >Id
  4. Add all products you want to compare into table side by side.
  5. First row in comparison table must contain product names
  6. First column in comparison table must contain product parameter values
  7. Download and install plugin. Download plugin here
  8. Open: Extensions > Plug-in Manager > Content – Comparison Table. Set Plugin enabled. Choose max products to compare and columns in visible selection table.

Add your feedback here if plugin has some issues or needs new features/changes.

37 thoughts on “Comparison table plugin for Joomla Usage Guide

  1. Do you have a demo? I’d like to see it in action. Sounds like a fantastic extension for what I need.

  2. Great Job.
    Can you tell me how to change te code to show me first column by default.
    In your demo example it vould be Renault Fluence Z.E checkbox=checked by default.

  3. open js/compare.js for editing
    show_hide_column(1, true);
    as last lines in function init_comparison_table()

    This is also default behaviour from now on. You can update your plugin from update manager.
    Please rate this plugin if you like it

  4. First of all, great plugin! I’m intending to use this for a client of mine for a comparison website. However, the layout would be more convenient for our purpose if it was possible to compare products one under the other in rows instead of in columns side-by-side. The page is only so wide of course 😉

    A suggestion which would make this plugin rise above all competition: a sort function. Lets say you compare 4 products and you want to rank them according to price or another feature. This would be amazing, though quite a daunting task to implement of course 🙂

    Good luck and thanks again!

  5. Hello and thank you very much first for sharing your work with us.
    I downloaded the plugin, I’ve installed and followed all the steps. However, when I give a preview, I see only one checkbox. I can be doing wrong.
    thank you very much

  6. I am considering to code support for multiple tables and sorting. Anyone needing same features please let us know to help prioritizing.

  7. Thank you so much smartman, finally got it working. But I have a doubt, would have a chance to do this using a dropdown menu instead of checkboxes?

  8. Excellent plugin, congratulations
    Would like have more than one column of products since I have a lot. I have done it but it shows irregular space between the product columns. The description columns are working fine.
    Will you please let me know how can I fix it?

  9. Hi Danaos. Try to check HTML source of your article. Most probably you have tags in your table cells. This makes cell size bigger than the ones that have just texts.

  10. Thank you so much smartman for your excellent work and also for your always prompt assist.
    Plugin is working fine.
    I will be very much obliged if you tell me how to increase columns of cols in selectiontable, now it shows 5, I want 7. At plugin parameters, cols in selectiontable, I change to 7, but nothing change at the article.
    Products description is ok, it shows 5 selected each time.
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Sorry for late reply. There was defect that caused these effects. Now it is fixed and version 1.0.0 uploaded. Please reinstall or use updater in Joomla 1.6+.
    I would also appreciate if you rate it in JED.

  12. Hello
    How to make products checked by default ??? This feature will make the article more beautiful.


  13. I will take into development queue feature where you can configure initial visible columns in plugin settings.
    Until that you can do magic by in javascript files.
    1. Find compare.js
    2. Find function init_comparison_table() inside it
    3. add to the end of this function 2 lines for each product visible by default. First line shows column, second line checks checkbox corresponding to it also:
    show_hide_column(1, true);
    Make sure that column numbers start from 1 and selection table items start from index 0.

  14. First of all thank you for this plug in
    second:What are these parameter in plug-in?Does it mean we only can produce 5column tables or any number we add in plug in?
    I mean If we add number for example “6” for Cols in selectiontable ,we only can exactly use 6 parameter for our comparison?
    or even in Max products to compare…
    I think any limitation is not acceptable for clients who want to use this plug-in..

    another point is documentation” in which it is not clear enough………………… please consider it a while and change the tutorial..

    another point: can we use it for RTL languages?

    I installed this plug-in and inserted {comparisontable} in the article and changed ID of table , but I still can not see a table with check box..

    Is it possible to change it to a component ?
    anyway, I appreciate your work..

  15. OK! I can create table! it was my fault in some part.

    1-can we add Border or not?
    2-I want to have more than 1 table in my articles and one of them is 1*2 table and one of them is 20*9…
    I stil have problem with plugin parameters..
    what are those exactly ? can do limit me to create differently and freely tables or not ?

  16. *You can have one comparison table per article.
    *You can have different comparisons in different articles but settings will be same for all.
    * In data source you can have unlimited number of columns. One parameter specifies how the table, where you select visible fields, will be created and how many columns it has. Second parameter selects how many products you can choose for comparison.

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  18. Dear Gentlemen/ Ladies,
    I would appreciate it if you could briefly tell me how I can change any articles in Article Manager section in the second language i.e. German in Joomla?
    Someone else has installed it but did not expalin to me how to make changes in the second language whereas I know how to do it in the first language i.e. English
    Thanking you in advance,
    Dr. Michael Voursoukis
    My email is

  19. Really nice plugin.
    I do however have issues placing the ticboxes so they look good (like on your demo-site). Text is sometimes under the boxes. Can this be controlled?
    Also, tickboxes with text does not follow the width of the table. Can this be controlled?
    Finally, columns have different width, how do I specify the width of each column.
    Thank you very much for much needed plugin

  20. I just checked out this plugin and wanted say, it works!!
    Also, it works in any content too, as I have been using this in K2.

    I would like to see a version which allows sorting rows instead of columns.

  21. Hi, thanks for this great plugin.

    I am wondering can this work with Adsmanager’s ads. Or, if you developed a module for Adsmanager in future will be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  22. How can I hide the first checked selection? I don’t want the users thinking I have already made a selection for them.


  23. I love the plugin as it is something I have been wanting to implement for a very long time. It seems to handle my big table well but has a few issues including large error messages at the bottom of the page saying to go to your site to report an error. The page in question is:

    Thanks for the great plugin. Any help on this error and the strange partial table column it is showing by default would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Looks like problem is related to table structure and “Olympus LS-11” . Please send me email margus.pala at

  25. I was wonderign if this plugin/module could compare. i mean if you have 4 different lists with same items and different prices,(namely 4 shops), and then list the cheapest items from all those lists.

  26. Is there a way, once you select your comparable items, to lock the first row of the displayed chart so when you scroll down to look at the various properties you still see the name/brand of the comparison item?

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