How to listen internet radio like in any media player eg Banshee or VLC

Sometimes I like to listen to internet radios when working at the computer. One of the best radios is but no radio is perfect and you want to change channel from time to time. If several radio channels each played inside different browser window then it is a mess when changing station. You need to find currently playing window, stop it there, find another radio window and start in there. On the other hand changing radio channels in single media player is just a matter of clicking next button in keyboard.

Problem is that nobody tells you what is the URL you need to import Banshee for it to be able to play channel. Fortunately it is easy to find out. Firstly install wireshark and start capturing your network traffic. Next go to and start playing your favorite radio channel.

Once channel is playing write into Filter: field

tcp contains "audio/mpeg"

After hitting apply you will see about one line left. rightclick it and select “Follow TCP Stream”. Popup opens and in pink color you see 2 first lines like

GET /ftv-256k-mp3?rand=0.559427538421005 HTTP/1.1

This is enough to put together radio station URL in Banshee or Rhythmbox. Some examples here

Country One:
Dance One:
FTV Hit Radio:

Enjoy, comment and hit +1 button if this helped you.

4 thoughts on “How to listen internet radio like in any media player eg Banshee or VLC

  1. You can simply use google and search for:

    It will give you the shoutcast webinterface for the station

  2. Wireshark works perfectly in windows also. You just have to use some windows media player like VLC player or winamp.

  3. It seems, that things changed in their interface and it no more works. I have found (guessed) the following URLs by chance:

    The problem is that the station identification string (“classrock”) here does not match either the station’s name or the id string used on website (“crock” in this case). When you listen on the website, the flash player requests the station by the string used on the web. I haven’t found any reliable source of the links to the streams.

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