Merit accounting software Shopify integration

Merit Accounting software is one of the most popular in accounting softwares Estonia.  It also operates in Finland and in Poland under the name 360 Księgowość Till recently it lacked API integration capability. Fortunately this issue is fixed now as every decent e-store should be able to communicate with accounting software.

One of my customers Bold Tuesday wants to have completely hands-off e-store and so creating all of the sales invoices in the Merit accounting software is a must. Especially because they have very popular world maps product and creating all of the sales invoices in accounting software manually takes considerable time.

For proper accounting purposes it is important to know which country the sales is done. It is reported differently in accounting if the sales are made to your origin country, to EU or to rest of the world.

Accounting has also some other specific rules and every cent counts. Shopify store is able to send order data over API  inclusive VAT. However Merit Accounting software API integration expects prices to be VAT exclusive. If Shopify creates discounts or sales are in bulk then in some cases it is not possible to convert the prices without adding 0.01EUR rounding to here or there.

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