Optimize website to AdSense performance

I have been experimenting with AdWords and have found made several useful discoveries during the process. If making money with AdSense is your goal then you must think in terms of keywords. There are 2 tools that will help you a lot: Google Webmasters tool and AdWords keyword tool.

  • Check from webmasters tool which are most popular keywords and search queries for your page. These are good subjects of improving.
  • Check from keyword tool how many searches, average CPC and keyword competition. Keywords with High CPC, competition and many searches are good. These increase chance of getting well paying ads to your site.

Although this site is mainly for fun it does not hurt to get a few euros from time to time. Currently I have identified that keywords around phonegap vs native, roboo and ddos are promising. From others Joomla and Primefaces are performing well but these do not attract well paying ads.

This gives me ideas what to investigate and write good quality articles about in the future.

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