Recover virtualbox guest from failing snapshot

When making snapshot of running virtualmachine guest the process got stuck and left below traces in logfile. I had to kill hte snapshot process and reboot machine to continue.

vboxmanage snapshot mymachine take initial
00:00:14.576 PCNet#0: The link is back up again after the restore.
00:03:47.980 Changing the VM state from 'RUNNING' to 'RUNNING_LS'.
00:03:48.014 !!R0-Assertion Failed!!
00:03:48.014 Expression: <NULL>
00:03:48.014 Location  : /build/buildd/virtualbox-4.1.12-dfsg/src/VBox/VMM/VMMAll/PGMAllBth.h(1458) void pgmR0BthEPTProtSyncPageWorkerTrackDeref(PVMCPU, PPGMPOOLPAGE, RTHCPHYS, uint16_t, RTGCPHYS)
00:03:48.014 HCPhys=00000000d5a37000 wasn't found!

After  reboot i see:

# vboxmanage list vms
"<inaccessible>" {d1d42d8a-38ed-4d6d-95a1-356d2896ff26}

When trying to start the machine I get

Could not access VM "tracker".

Problem can be resolved by opening machinename.vbox file and manually deleting the newly inserted child nodes in HardDisk

        <HardDisk uuid="{fd141646-df1c-46c7-950b-77eb3deb86f0}" location="mymachinedisk.vdi" format="VDI" type="Normal">
          <HardDisk uuid="{2c232969-47d8-4977-8605-d208c3fa60fa}" location="Snapshots/{2c232969-47d8-4977-8605-d208c3fa60fa}.vdi" format="VDI"/>

needs to be replace with following and you can start the machine again. For peace of min you can delete the files in Snapshot folder as well.

        <HardDisk uuid="{fd141646-df1c-46c7-950b-77eb3deb86f0}" location="mymachinedisk.vdi" format="VDI" type="Normal">


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