Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success

horse-pulling-carThis is must read book that everyone should read. I even listened this audiobook twice in a row to grasp the concepts better.

Have you wondered how typical US president career looks like? No, it is not advancing through all the voted positions one by one until you reach the top to become president. Instead typical president does something completely different and then switch career to become president. It rarely happens but if typical career politician will become president then history has shown how lausy job he has done.

Stand on the shoulder of giants, don’t start new things from scratch. Ask around and you will fins someone who has done it already so you can skip making a lot of mistakes.  If you want to use computer then should you know how electricity works or processor or operating system? No, you have to use what others have done already and only learn the specific program you use. I have found myself using this principle knowingly already a few times.

I love also 10x thinking principle. It generally means that improving something 10% is as difficult as improving 10x . Difference is that 10x principle makes you think differently. Most famous example is from Henri Ford, cars and horses. Making horses run 10% faster is similar in difficulty with making a car that can drive much faster than horse. This is the way how Elon Musk and his SpaceX can make 10x or 100x cheaper rocket launches than NASA can.

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