The Power of Habit – Book review

Besides of being useful for self development this book is also a good read by itself. All the example cases are are good and interesting stories which give you fun facts from history. How did worst team even win the Super bowl and how people made billions with toothpaste while changing ad creating daily habits? You can get this book from amazon The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Main point of this book is examining how habits work. There is habit loop: cue, routine and reward. Once someone learns the habit then it will always be there good or bad, riding bicycle or smoking. At first doing something new is hard but the more you practice the less brain activity it takes and you almost don’t notice it anymore. Have you ever wondered if you locked the car door when you parked it? Probably you did and this habitual action is so effortless that you event don’t think about it.

However it is possible to switch the routine leaving cue and reward the same. AA is very good at this. If alcoholics feels stressed then he goes to bar, sees friends and becomes happy. Instead he can feel stressed, go to AA meeting, see friends and become happy.

I learned for myself how to create morning exercise habit. My cue is waking up, routine is exercises and when I finish I get to have breakfast.

Once you read this book then you will be much more skilful in building good habits in yourself and changing bad habits into good ones.


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