What to keep in mind when moving site from one server to another

For backup purposes or just transferring website it is important to keep in mind following things

  • Dump database from old place and import it into new.
  • Copy web files to new machine.
  • Move website configurations to backup server. (vhosts.conf, httpd.conf ..)
  • Take SSL private keys and certificates with you. Less relevant if selfsigned keys are used.
  • If new server has different linux distribution with different default keys location then change https vhosts keys location.
  • New site must have all required software installed (php, mysql, httpd, apache modules)
  • New server must have all required directories present. (Custom folder for logfiles?)
  • Check if mysql has databases created before importing sql.
  • Check if mysql has database users created with correct privileges.
  • Change DNS records if ip was changed
  • Copy your syslog configuration
  • Review and Copy your iptables rules.



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